Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Assalamualaikum and very good day!.
may you guys have a good time with ur love one.

so here the day that I have waited for so long, some people called it a victory day, some of them called it as the day for the survivor and I called is a normal people called it too..

it the Graduation Day!!..

yeah.. its come for my convocation, I've been waited for so long for this moment!, where everybody that I struggled for will be cheer up and happy!, especially my Parent and my friends. It the date will be remembered by all...

14 OKTOBER 2017...

I've graduated in Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honor
from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

yeah... sounds lame but let me share my happiest moment in my life, this victory and memory cost for 3 years and half long and its cost for all of my life commitment. so let us feel joy for this.
coz some people are saying some sarcasm word toward us as we are just newly graduated and they said like we are unemployed. well I'm not take it at all. =)

so my graduation ceremony was held in Dewan Sultan Ibrahim, UTHM. and my faculty was in 2nd Session. I feel grateful for been set in 2nd session since the first session is with the His Majesty Sultan of Johor coz he is the Chancellor for UTHM. and definitely its will be burden with all the protocols and vlaa..vlaa.vlaa so on. for my session. The 2nd Pro-chancellor which is Tan Sri Ali Hamsa was there for giving the scroll to all the graduates, and the protocol is not so tight as with the royal family.

I was not make so much preparation on this convocation, even my robe and everything is been take by my friends since I'm working. so not much i can say on this convocation since I have the experience during Diploma convocation.

on D-day, in the morning, I and my housemate or we called our-self as 'The Permaison' are having a Pre-convo photo session. its was fun but quiet rushing because we have to be at the Convocation Hall before 1.45 P.M. so after all, rushing back home and make preparation...
and here the Ultimate Disaster Ever!..

when I get home and i make a preparation, I ironing my shirt and blazer also my green hood for my convocation robe, and accidentally I burned the hood which made from a very sensitive material... owww damittt!!... so keep going, I tried to put it on and luckily its hidden part which I burned. so I go to the hall late and the staff is already calling for all graduates to come faster... LOL.. get scolded on convocation day is normal guys...

so the ceremony went well,, nothing bad happen... in fact I love the atmosphere and the music..really love that... so everything settle down about 5.30 P.M, me and some of Permaison gathered in front of the hall to take a pic. and that's all, i have to rush back home for Asar.

that how my convocation is going.. its have a good memory,, worst experience too... but i take it as something to be remember
Greatest Thanks for my parents, the have to sacrifice everything just for my future... please give me chances to repay everything with all what i got now...with be happy and always healthy..

special congratulation for Permaison.. even thou we are always late come to class.. we still grad LoL...

congratulation to Metro uthm group...

and special Congratulation is for Uncle MKsani =D, u did it uncle.. and kak mira..

that's all for now...

Monday, 8 May 2017

Beloved Final Year Project

Assalamualaikum and Hello everybody,

may you have a nice day! always keep safe guys!..
so how you doing in your life?, is that everything good?.
for me, I've started new chapter of my life, since now I am not studying anymore.
I've started my working life since February this year, and I really enjoy my current life style,
It a bit stress but adventure, and definitely its different from the student life. as people said..

student : have a lot of time, energy but no money.
working : have a lot of money, energy but don't have time.
retired : have a lot of money, time but don't have energy.

that what we called as life curse!...( LOL!..). so for all my friends who still studying, enjoy your life in the campus!.. join the activity held by the university or any organization in university. gain experience!. you cannot learn everything in the class or lecture. try your best to be active and  train yourself be friendly with all people around you... and I'm sure you are not regret later ( unless you are not manage your time correctly...=P ).

so enuff with those mumbling.
so today I will talk on my experience during my Final Year Project term which is last year and finished in February 2017. It was a good experience and I've learned so many things... especially about how to do a research and writing complete report in thesis format.this 2 hectic semester was really an opportunity for me. with the guide from my supervisor... finally I did it so well!.. (i'm guess... hehehehe...)

(awkwardly face... i'm rarely doing selfie... hahahaha...#sepet ) 

so its was started on my sixth semester which is my third last semester before I'm having the Internship session. having a nice supervisor which is he provide me a topic and title for my FYP. since I'm helping his research so he provide me a title and scope of research. that sounds good rite? but wait!.. its not so good actually, coz you don't have a freedom to choose ur own subject of your research, but the pro is... you don't have to think on the scope and objective since you're continuing ur SV's research. finally after discussed with the SV... my FYP title is :

Mechanical Properties of Concrete Containing Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) and Ceramic Waste as Coarse Aggregate Replacement.

quite long rite?.. yeah.. I'm feel like busted especially fill the form and they need my research title... its so long... (LOL... XD) so if you're form civil engineering field, you'll understand my research easily by only read on my title... (hahahaha.. title is long as abstract.. lol..) for those who are not from civil engineering field, my research is literally using the waste material from the construction demolition activity  which is recycling those scrap material as replacement material in concrete mix... and I'm replacing the natural stone in concrete mix with this material. yeah..I'm studying on their mechanical properties... (i hope you guys understand what I'm trying to explain.... I'm so damn in explaining... )
( apa pun... gaya penting... walaupon semua ni plastik lakonan ja... hahahaha)

after the title... next come to 2nd phase, the initial study or literature review. In this phase you need a good extracting skill form the reading material. yeah! seriously guys.. you need that skill so much coz you cannot read all the passage in the journal. you need to extract that journal, just get the required information and that's it... I swear!!!.. reading a journal is not something that really fun!... (Its suck guys!!... hhahaha).. if you can finished and understand a journal in one time read!... salute bro!!... (...seriously..=P ).
It will comes lot of allurement and godaan... especially getting sleepy on the first paragraph!... hahaha.. its just like a curse... hope you will have a good time reading journal =D. as I said just now.. try your best to train yourself the extracting skill and find the good tips reading journal... much on internet. for me.. I'm Extracting my journal and I jot down everything that I need in table form like name author.. year.. objective.. scope of study and so on... try to merge which way that suit you.
alhamdulillah... I've done my first 3 chapter and submit to my SV before the due date... (.., sound like so cemerlang heh.... =P ..kinda..). And I've done with the presentation with the panels awesomely!

(look at those face... the face after been tiaw!. by the panel... )

After my internship session during the mid sem brake.
Tadaa!!!....here come the happiest time.. (so much fun like a hell.. =/..)  the next step for my FYP. the material preparing. since I'm studying on concrete properties. so absolutely I have to cast concrete for my own sample and my research subject for the concrete testing. start with preparing material... and at this part... its come my compunction.  have to prepare 90 concrete sample in a few weeks. preparing concrete for every mix is need 28 days till the concrete really mature before its can be tested!. and my biggest problem is run out of time!. I can't finish all the mix in time if I just can only mix only I batch of mix per day.
this all thing happen is because I'm used too much time on preparing material since I have 4 raw material should be prepared before mixing process, like preparing the RCA in small size and breaking the ceramic tile into small size... its not easy task, I had a hectic and fag day... everyday!..

thanks to my housemate coz they help me so much!... until everything done and complete, they give me support and hands too... =) so kind of them...I spent much my time at the concrete lab and library... while I'm preparing my sample.. I need to deal with my thesis too..day at the lab.. and night here we are..front of my Laptop.. doing my report and my thesis... thank God..my SV is really comprehend person, I don't have to meet him every week as long i have a progress at the lab... so after I've done mixing all the concrete sample... and testing the sample... now come to the next level!.. the completion of the thesis and the Viva!...

completing my writing is also one of the worst part... since I'm not good in english.. but too young too dumb to realize... I'm doing my thesis in english.... (WTH!.. wanna kill myself maybe... =P ) . so with the helps of Grammarly.com form the internet.. I could finished my theses so well!...with several time of rejection and major correction.... LOL!!!... hahaha..
but its okay since its learning process...I enjoy it.

after finished my writing.. and submitted the drat to the panels... here comes the last part of the curse!... the VIVA... viva is not that small car on road... that's my housemate used to called it Vavi... (cos its small but acah laju macam ferrari...LoL) viva here means presentation reporting your outcomes to the selected panels. if you are unlucky... you'ill presenting your FYP with the Industrial Panel... I'm the luckiest guy coz.. having viva with internal panel only.. means my own faculty lecturer. so my viva run so well.. with minor correction, my thesis is completed and can be print out to be harbound. during the viva session, It was so nervous and really hope that your panel is understand what are you trying to explain and hope ur panel is not asking something weird or bash ur research output. so luckily my panel is just asking on the topics and not something out of the box.

(during the presentation... awkwardly face..)

after I've done some minor correction. now I need to prepare 3 set of the thesis to be submit to the Faculty. and I make it as 4 set. one is for self keeping, as token of the hardworking and the memories.
(le housemate... the permaison who help me so much ... )

so here are my gratitude to my SV. Dr, Faisal who are gave me so much help to me finished this thesis and so other advice too. all my friends... especially my Housemates... The Permaison..and Metro group..also abang syed. and anyone who helping me done this crap so good.

here some of my advice for those who are doing their FYP. first you have to give 100% focus on ur research... don't easily get disturb with anything that not related to your FYP. for example just do research on ur scope... not overall or any topics that not related especially when you are reading ur journal.
  second is you have to be very discipline with time, do ur own time table or planner... make sure all the important event is set and follow the schedule strictly, if not!! you are not gonna finish ur FYP on time..(seriously guys... time is real enemy.... =/ )
next is do not rely on anyone. especially your SV. never hope that ur SV will spoon-feed you and don't expect your friends is always be there helping you, sometimes they have their own business. so do everything yourself.. don't afraid to be wrong... coz its learning process =)
and last is do ur money planning so well!... (...I'm not plan my financial so good.... get broke at the last semester.... =(...). yeah!.. FYP is the subject that swallow your money like a shit in sewer pipe... during last year... your money will disappear without sign... just like that... hahahaha... coz you need it to prepare some item which not been provided at Laboratory. so you have to buy it by yourself .. plus you need all that money to print ur poster... to bind ur thesis in hardcover... and buy the A4 paper for printing... so much need... so my advice is keep ur money starting now.

(submitting my journal to the faculty in Journal room.. look at those blue book... is all from  early uthm established.. )

so that my story for my Final Year Project term... so All the best to you guys who are struggling finish ur FYP... see you in other post!

Monday, 20 March 2017


Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!..

How was your day?... hope everybody was fine and always in a good condition.
I'm in good mood to write this blog... even I'm, was get easily tired lately... maybe I need more exercise to make my body always cergas and cerdas!..

Today I will talk on something light... less stress but give us inspiration,
did you guys ever ask what is the best place in a shopping mall to anyone or your friends? what they answer?.... I'm 100% sure they will answer it as food stall and restaurant like SR, BR31, starbucks and many more, fashion outlets like uniqlo, H&M, padini and others, and entertainment like cinema. but there is something that we forget to make it as one of the best and most important place in shopping complex or mall...

Let me share my story first, last week... I was hangout with my friends and my new friend... Cekie... or his full name is Lim Ce Kie... we are easily call him Cekie (the way to pronounce it is ci ki  =P )...
the main purpose of this outing is to find a special food in BP ... after having the Beriani Power Batu Pahat... we are going to Cendol Pak O in Bus Terminal Batu Pahat. so we have no idea to go anywhere... since there is nothing we can do much in Batu Pahat town. so suddenly i got an idea to go Kluang town which is about 54 kilometer away. we have rent the car for half day... and we don't have any plan... so Kluang here we go!..
cendol satisfaction face... lol .

 in the car... one of us asking Cekie what is the best place in Kluang Mall... and guest what his answer?!..

he said!... Kedai Buku!..

so that is the answer for my question on first just now... so its rarely to hear someone said that the best place in  shopping mall is book store... even me myself... never thought that answer... but that what my friend Cekie answer... so yeah... its make me realize something.

its actually show how was your mentality. How different kind of mentality between me, my friends with him... I learnt something important that day, which we have to seedling the sense of reading interest in ourself and our children in future.

I cont. my story... so after we arrived at the Kluang Mall... so me and Cekie directly go to the Book Store... and there..I'm was shamed on myself... I feel awkward to be in book store and looking at the books. let me clarify something... book store and stationary is a different thing... but.. normally its a stationary in a book store. =) . so I'm was following Cekie to look around in the book store and he was selected a few books. and me.. still there.. quiet and "kesipuan". act. yeahh.. its really good to be there... lot's of super good books with discount and others.. much quality content books... but along before this... I never realize that.. even if someone asking me where the book store in the building... I never know that answer... (shame on myself....)

so after that day, I'm was sitting alone and thinking about this... its really give a huge impact in my life... even its just a simple event happen. so I'm was determined that I will make sure that bookstore is the first place I'm gonna visit when I going to Shopping mall... second is I will have my book's fund on my monthly spend.. and in the future... I will teach my kids to go bookstore frequently so they can loves reading!.. in the way to gain their knowledge and make up their mind. (sounds like manifesto during grand election isn't it?... yeah... vote for me.. lol..)

awkwardly face. first time taking pic. front of cheese cake.. normally tak sempat... =P 

thanks to my friend for make me realize something that long forgotten. make me think and do something. gives me inspiration and motivation... May God grant you light and goodness in ur life bro!.(..aaaminn... =) ). And I hope that my 20 cent will give more inspiration and motivation to others. so let us make a change!. see you in next post!..


* sorry for my grammar, i'm still learning and practicing writing in english!. =)

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Assalamualaikum and very good day everyone!.

Its been so looonnnggggg time not update my blog, now I'm feel awkward updating my blog.
basically why I'm updating this blog is because i got new follower or reader!.. yeaayy!! (LOL.)..
he's the one who reminds me to update my blog... hahaha...(act. i almost forget about my blog...hahaha).

so now I've finished my study in UTHM... technically already graduated... but im still not having my convocation ceremony yet... so after 2 week i had my last final paper. i get hired by a Civil and Structural company in JB!... so i moved to JB now... staying in Taman Universiti Skudai. enough with my life updates!... now lets talk on something.

so today I'm gonna talk on Volunteering!
have you guys ever been joining any volunteering program?. be a volunteers for any program... weather its in ur school of NGO... hooohoho,,, volunteering program is any program that you are joining and you'll not been paid for ur work!.. so basically that is volunteering... especially program or works that gives benefits for others people and needy.
so lately i've been joining  one volunteering program held by IHSAN JOHOR RELIEF, this NGO is in johor... and their focus is helping the Bangsa Johor in the way by giving them a house especially for the selected family. if you guys want to know more about the NGO... may click link below


so if you guys is would like to join our build.. its necessary for all builders to attend the basic build workshop that usually held in Ihsan Johor Markas, in this workshop, you will be expose to the basic build, the tools and how to use it... its was totally fun!..

me was showing my hammering skill!...( =P Its was really hard to do!)

I've been joining this program since the first house that they ever build. so lets go through one by one...

the first Ihsan Johor house build was in Simpang Renggam, the selected family is Nenek Mismah 93 years old. grandma and her family is currently living in a self build timber and concrete house. The current house they are living in is more than 30 years old.
so the first build or named as #IJR1 was held for 3 days... the design was adopted from the epic homes house design. for me... it really my first time joining a construction or build by my own. yeaah...even tho I'm in civil engineering field, i never get opportunity to build a house! (.....lame civil engineers.. so lame and failed!.. ='( ..) . so this is my very first time... but since i have some experience and knowledge on carpentering. so the task is done smoothly with the help from the team members and the specialist!

manpower that succeed the build!..

so next is 2nd IJR or known as #IJR2, this build was happened in Kukup, Pontian Johor, the recipient old house was so badly in condition, the house was made from canvas and they are living in it for many years with no rooms and dirty surrounding, plus the house is not accommodate with the numbers of people. so for me they are more than deserve the new house!

taking morning pictures infront of the recipient old house, (look at those sleepy face!.. wake up everyone!.. =P )

 this build is quiet special coz my uncle is joining!.. hahahahaha... yeah... that old man suddenly got his hantu rajin and decided to join the 2nd build. (LOL,,, he's gonna kill me if he read this....).
so this 2nd build was totally different from the first build, because this time the design of the house is different and its 100% handled by Ihsan Johor Relief. without the Epic Homes help. so yeah since its was the first time happen for Ihsan johor... so there are lot of problems and lacking happen. at the end, the house is able to be finished event its not complete. but the rest of the left works will be finished by the contractors. ( So sad.... =( ...) its  disappointment when you are not able to finish the house.. =(

 the core team that explode the house!..(try to find where's me??...)

the #IJR3 was held in JB.. but unfortunately i couldn't join it coz i got some academic short course that need to be attend.

so the #IJR4 is the next build that i joined. it was held in Muar Bandar Diraja. the recipient is a garbage collector and have a lot of kids, but some of them have done their school and now are working somewhere in Muar area.
this build for me quiet special... coz this is first time for me joining the build and i got mixed very well with the other builders. coz before this i got awkward to meet them, to mixed around with them... coz i'm very shy person.... (LOL... that was lying... I'm not shy guy!.. =P )..so the build run very well, and i was assigned into the wall team. same as for the #IJR1. so they have been appointed me as apprentice builders for this time so i had to helped my specialist to handle the volunteers and builders. i was done the task! greatly awesome!!... (damn I'm so kerek to tell you guys bout this!... =D..) so the house was done very well, completed before  the hand over to the owner. for me this build also kind special because i'm feel touched during the handover ceremony because i saw the recipient family was crying receive the house... actually, the recipient is really eager to help us build the house for all 3 days!... he come helping after he get back from work.. also his son called Dino, he helped me in wall team until the house finished!..

 the wall team!!... taking pic with the recipent!!... (lets shout Wall laoweeyhhh!!!!!..)

during the build, at night, we are been sponsored by the Muar Tourism to having the fresh oyster in the middle of Muar river. it my first time river cruising at the Muar river. and eating oyster... the fresh oyster... but definitely i cannot eat the raw one.. because the taste is i cannot accept it!.(.hahahaha...)

lets eat those oyster!!..... (...got vomit.. LoL)..

then the #IJR5 was in Batu Pahat, actually i'm was really waiting for batu pahat build, coz it on my own place... but unfortunately i couldn't join it because i have to attend my housemate wedding in Kedah. how sad...

so the #IJR6 was the latest build that i joined. its was happen in Johor Bahru, actually this build is quiet urgent because the recipient was immediately need the new house after the old house is broken down by falling tree during the storm.
so the build was done smoothly in the early, but during the second day, its raining and all works need to shut down for a while because its dangerous for us the builders to keep working during the rainy day. but still the house can be finished before the handover ceremony on the third day... 
frankly speaking this time build is less soul and have no semangat, I dont know why the new format happen but seriously its suck!, theres nor grouping and specialist, so all the builders doing every work which they feel okay with that. and some other builders are moving like headless chicken, (buat buat busy laaa). this things happen because they have no specialist so they have no one could supervised them. and its really sad for the new builders because they cannot feel the real build cheerful and soul. for me this build is need much! improvement!. bring back our specialist!. after all, the most important is the recipient recieve the new house so they can start over the new life..=) 

the team!... that finished the house!.. so nice rite... (ce kie.. what you doing back there?.. -_-!)

so that's all my volunteering works in Ihsan Johor Relief, actually there are many more volunteering activities that I've been joined in school, like mobility program to Beijing, helping the flood victims in Pantai Timur and many more. 

all those sharing above is not purposely to show off or riak bangga diri, but i tried to give you guys some motivation to start volunteering, or join any volunteering activity, yeah.. its really tired after you join the activities, but trust me!.. after you see smile and happiness from the helped people... all this tiredness and sick is fly away... its an satisfaction for me coz i could do something to help people.

volunteering also is not only about helping people, its also about how you improve ur self, how you improve ur soft skill, working with the strangers, teamwork to complete the task, manage ur works and most important is establish the bonding between people around you!, its great to meet new friends and having a chit chat about their background and build the good bonding and relationship!!.. that is the most important point in volunteering!... 

meet my new friends that i met during the build!!... they are crazy!!.. hahaha

yeah!.. actually i missed all my builders friends like kamal!,.. allyson...aunt elain and many more... since they are not joining the IJR anymore because they caught busy on their real life. (hope i could meet them some day!..)..

so my last words is... let's volunteering!... !!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Survey Camp UTHM 2015

Assalamualaikum semua..
Have a nice day geng... its has been a few month that i neglected my blog without any entries.. lately im quite active on twitter. So that i can write on simple things there. Hopefully all of us are always be safe and health.

So now i'm gonna share with you (or maybe not sharing coz i think no one read my blog unless myself...lulz) share with you update of my life. Actually.. im having a sem brake rite now.. its almost 2 month have passed and its only 2 week left for the sem brake... damn.. i cant wait to started my new semester... hahaha.. (sarcasm rite.. yeah) ..so a lot of important event such a Hari Raya..

and others thing happen during this sem brake..but the most awesome is the Survey Camp!.. รต my god its seriously awesome.. 

total station
Yeah.. im gonna talk on my Survey Camp act. Okay in my academics menu.. i have to attend this camp to fullfill my course requirements.. coz this camp have a 2 credits for my graduation audit. So firstly im not feeling good to attend this camp... ow yah ... this camp is held in MSN Asahan, melaka, its in Gunung Ledang. 
So... normaly no one will happy to attend a camp at the sem brake.. its just like a spoiler of holiday mood... hahaha.. so i've already registered in session 6.. which mean the last session for this year.. know that.. other student who attend the early session said that they've been toucherd mentally coz the task was so hard to be done... its raised my nervous to attend this camp.. serious shit.. 

 Session 6 has comes to date. So we gathered at the faculty coz the bus will fetch us at there..so we start our journey to Asahan melaka with bismillah... 
2 hour later and we arrived at MSN Asahan.. hurm.. first impression is the place is not bad as le other session student told us.. and after check-in in room.. so we have some rest and need to hear the briefing on 3 pm. 
MSN Asahan Melaka.

So that evening is just we have to play with the leveling work thing and have to run the 'two peg test'.. (i have to flashbacks all the geomatics memories during my diploma studies. Its has been 2 years ago dude..)
and all night is filled with briefing and presentation.. my first impression is.. im gonna die stay here.. lot of task to be settle down.. with the field work..presentation.. videos..report.. fuhh.. may god help me..

First day.. with the first task.. Levelling work.. we have to cont. Our 2 peg test coz yesterday we got huge error on the reading.. LOL.. so our first day run very well.. we finish our task early than the schedule. 
view of Gunung Ledang 

Second day with second task.. Traverse work.. this task also run very well coz its just a basic of geometry.. then our work place is nice coz don't have a lot of slope or cutting.. just flat area. And the traverse run very well.. we work as fast as we can.. 

Third day is for traverse act. But we done that early.. so we cont. With techometry.. and finish the task early.. so forthday we just finish our report and make drawing. 

Fifth day.. its time for last task.. that is setting out. So this task quite challenge my group coz this task i've never done before. So its alot of error and the day was very bright and hot... (i got suntanned... =/ ) luckly we finish out task with full drawing from the levelling.. traverse..techeometry.. and last setting out..
its an satisfactory... =D
our plan for techeometry 

Sixth day was the test.. we have to sit a test and second test is total station setup test within 7 minute including bearing reading.
So at night we got closing ceremony and have a barbeque.. games.. birthday celebration.. and present gift to the 5 best group... its such a happy moment coz we successfully go throught this 6 day here with this good people and program.

And the lect. Also confessed that session 6 is the best survey camp session ever. Yeayy... =D

 So.. for me. This survey camp totally awesome.. the best moment ever.. i got new friend.. new knowledge and new experience.. thanks to the lect. Sr. Dr. Mustafa, Dr. Ariff, Dr. Hazzrik and Dr. Azlan for the experience and knowledge.. is very valuable and useful. Also thanks Allah..
After the camp so we know that the story told by the other student was just rumors and its happend on their session only... hahahaha.. serve you right dude..

Thats all for now.. salam alaikum. 

my group members... 

photography session for all session 6 

presentation time,,, 

on the top of gunung ledang, i'm captured this foto using total station.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Program CIP KPS 2015 Peringkat Negeri Johor

Assalamualaikum semua,

alhamdulillah... akhirnya blog ni terupdate jugak... setelah sekian lama tak di update,

pada minggu lepas... alhamdulillah... satu program kelolaan aku berjaya dilaksanakan, Program Cabaran Interaktif Pengguna Kelab Pengguna Sekolah 2015 peringkat Negeri Johor selesai dan berjaya di jalankan di UTHM, dengan kerjasama kelab aku iaitu gerakan pengguna siswa uthm

.apa tuh CIP KPS???...

Program nie sebenarnya ialah program explorace utk student sekolah menenggah... program nie 2 hari 1 malam... dan bebudak nie diaorg stay kat kolej kediaman koperasi, Taman U.
so GPS UTHM bertanggungjawab utk pastikan adik2 nie selesa dan kebajikan mereka terjaga sepanjang program. and kitaorg jugak bertanggungjawab membantu pihak kpdnkk utk run program nie.... 
sebenarnya ni merupakan kali ke-2 CIP KPS ni di adakan di UTHM, kali pertama tahun lepas... Pengarah program nye ialah Amin... and this year.. aku pengarah program, walaupon ramai yang kata program nie tak mencabar sbb program anjuran luar dengan kerjasama GPS UTHM je.. tapi aku dapat rasakan cabaran-cabaran getir yang menimpa aku as pengarah program. apa pun.. program berjalan dengan baik beb.... semua okay je... dan feedback pon positif lah dari KPDNKK Johor. (fuhh... nasib baik lah...)

masalah yang aku hadapi semasa program?...

masalah yang di hadapi sebenarnya tak banyak dalam aku menjayakan program ni... cuma masalah2 biasa and adalah beberapa masalah yang aku tak dapat nak selesaikan.
sebagai contoh masalah kelewatan katering hantar makanan, masalah ni mmg aku tak boleh nak selesaikan sbb katering pon ada jadual dia sendiri and pengalaman mereka as caterer... tapi bila kelewatan berlaku... mmg benda tu jadi masalah lah kat semua orang especially aku as pengarah program dan semua AJK makanan sbb yang nak menghadap dengan pegawai tu kami.. bukan caterer.. in sha Allah akan di perbaiki lah di masa akan datang.
masalah lain tu mcm pengurusan AJK tu ada sikit kekurangan lah sbb ramai yang tarik diri last minute dan permintaan penambahan ajk di saat akhir tu menjadikan satu kekeliruan antara ketua2 unit semua... sbb kebanyakkan mereka tak dapat hadir mesyuarat dan perjumpaan yang di adakan. dan mereka tak faham skop kerja mereka dan siapa yg patut mereka berjumpa.

masalah-masalah lain tu cuma masalah biasa yang boleh diselesaikan dalam masa yag singkat.. alhamdulillah...

Apakah GPS UTHM mengharapkan CIP KPS yang akan datang di adakan lagi di UTHM.??..

Sejujurnya aku katakan, iyya... kami sangat mengalukan program CIP KPS 16 di adakan di UTHM. sbb dari program ini aku as one of majlis tertinggi GPS UTHM dapat menilai hasil kerja dan KPI sekretariat kelabaku yang baru, kalau dieorang sekretariat lama yang diserap semula, aku tak kesah... sbb kita yakin dengan kerja mereka, tapi yang baru ni harus di latih dan di berikan pengalaman, tapi as now... okay lah... semua bagi komitment yang sangat baik.. mcm Jeyhan, sara dan aai... mereka ada peluang dan bakat yang boleh di bawa ke hadapan. in sha Allah.
tapi.... cadangan aku, kalau boleh lepas nie.. CIP KPS mungkin boleh di buat di luar kampus atau di tempat yang lebih mencabar, sbb kalau kita tengok CIP KPS Perak.. dieorang buat di Lost World Of Tambun Theme Park... why not CIP KPS Johor tahun depan buat di Legoland ...and jemput kita semua.. (=D... kahkahkah!!.. )

so tu jelah ceritanya program kelolaan aku utk GPS UTHM... in sha Allah nnty ada lagi program lain menyusul... and aku update kat sini...

memberi taklimat kepada semua peserta dan guru-guru.

taklimat peserta...


Friday, 6 February 2015

hidup kita milik Allah.

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.
Alhamdullillah.. akhirnya syafiq dapat jugak masa nak update blog nie… kahkahkah.. setelah berhempas pulas satu semester untuk menghadapi final exam yang ermm entahlaa… tawakkal jer lah. (hahahaha..risau kene repeat paper…=/)
Pape pon lantaklah… kita dah buat yg terbaik kan… serahkan segalanya pada Allah.

Dalam Al-Quran Allah s.w.t berfirman:
Jika Allah menolong kamu, maka tak adalah orang yang dapat menolong kamu, jika Allah membiarkan kamu (tidak memberi pertolongan) maka siapakah gerangan yang dapat menolong kamu selain dari Allah sesudah itu?. Kerana itu, hendaklah kepada Allah sahaja orang-orang mukmin bertawakal.
(Ali Imran : 160)

Okay. So sekarang kita berada dalam mood cuti sem sebulan… dan syafiq akan naik semester 22 febuari. nanti… sebenarnya syafiq bukanlah manusia yang suka cuti… (super bosan woi kat rumah…T,T) so cuti ni syafiq ada rancang beberapa aktiviti yang nanti syafiq akan masukkan dalam blog nie… (inn Sha Allah kalau rajin.. kahkahkah) ..

Harini syafiq nak share pasal life dekat university. Mungkin boleh bantu kepada adik-adik yang nak sambung belajar nanti. Life dekat U nie sebenarnya bukan senang, sebab kita akan berhadapan dengan bermacam-macam kerenah manusia dan perangai. Sebelum syafiq bercerita lebih panjang lagi, syafiq nak kongsi lah perjalanan hidup syafiq dari awal sampai harini.

Syafiq ni bukan dari kalangan pelajar yang pandai dan harapan sekolah masa kat sekolah menengah dulu, result pon cukup2 makan, so dalam fikiran masa tu hanyalah nak bekerja bila habis sekolah, berfikir utk sambung belajar tu mmg takde langsung, so tanpa disangka..kan.. tuah ayam Nampak di kaki.. tuah manusia siapa yg tau.. (cewwah… =P) syafiq di tawarkan program pra diploma. Dengan keadaan blur lepas SPM dan tak tau pon program tu apa sebenarnya… lalu melangkahkan kaki ke alam Universiti.. sebenarnya pra-U.
Selesai pra diploma. Rasa sebagai mahasiswa tu tak wujud lagi. Dan dengan result SPM yg biasa2… dan result pra-dip yg biasa2.. syafiq di tawarkan program diploma di uthm. Dalam jurusan diploma kejuruteraan awam. 2 tahun setenggah menghadap dploma… akhirnya grad juga sebagai diploma holder in civil engineering. Selepas diploma tamat. Syafiq di tawarkan pulak Sarjana Muda kejuruteraan Awam dengan kepujian di uthm… dan hari ini syafiq masih menuntut di uthm sebagai student degree. Alhamdulillah.

Syafiq tak pernah pon fikir akan masuk U sebenarnya. Yerlah.. kalau nak di bandingkan dengan result.. syafiq ni tak layak pon. Dan sejak itu, syafiq berpegang pada satu prinsip dan syafiq percaya bahawa… Rezeki kita semua ditentukan Allah. Bukan di tentukan oleh sijil.. tahap IQ.. tahap EQ atau pointer… tapi semua benda ni sebagai kayu pengukur sebenarnya. Yang penting kita jaga hubungan kita dengan Allah dan hubungan kita dengan manusia atau sesama makhluk.

Berbalik pada topic kali ni.. life dekat U??.. apa sebenarnya beza life sebagai siswa siswi dan pelajar2 biasa??. Okay.. bezanya ialah pandangan masyarakat pada mahasiswa ni berbeza.. kita takdelah di pandang enteng oleh masyarakat. Dan kita harapan masyarakat sebenarnya.

Pada pemerhatian syafiq lah, kat U ni ada bermacam golongan yg sebenarnya. 2 golongan yang major yg cuba syafiq ketenggahkan iaitu Satu ialah student yang duk bilik main game, study, makan tido, pointer baik, dan golongan kedua ialah student yang aktif, sentiasa berusaha mencari soft skill dan memajukan dirinya, tapi pointer dia biasa-biasa je, tak dekan pon… so pada pendapat korang, which one yang baik sebenarnya, so korang semua jawablah sendiri dan nilai sendiri..

Pada pandangan syafiq lah kan, golngan ke-2 tu lebih baik dari yang pertama, yess.. pointer yg pertama tinggi, tapi adakah pointernya standing dengan kemahiranya?
Kebiasaanya golongan ini yang kurang kebolehpasaran pekerjaan dalam industry. Syafiq sudah menghadiri beberapa talk bersama industry dan sebagainya, mereka menekankan kemahiran insaniah dalam diri pelajar. Mereka sendiri membuat perbandingan seperti yg syafiq nyatakan di atas. Industry memerlukan golongan pelajar yang mampu buat kerja, mampu memberi arahan, menerima arahan, mampu bercakap di hadapan, melontar pandangan dan memperbetulakn kesilapan, mahasiswa yang ada kemahiran insaniah tinggi, walaupon pointernya lebih rendah dari golongan pertama.

Jadi life dekat U nie sebenarnya suatu pilihan, kita tidak sama seperti di sekolah, di matrikulasi yang penuh dengan kawalan dan kongkongan ketat, di U ni kehidupan lebih bebas dan bersifat choice. Kita tentukan kemana kita hendak pergi.. siapa kita hendak jadi dan adakah golongan pertama atau kedua atau menjadi lebih baik dari 2 golongan ini, segalanya di tangan kita sendiri. Tiada siapa yang marah kita kalau kita buat silap di U, tapi kesannya tanggunglah sendiri. Jarang peluang datang 2 kali..

sekian sahaja... wassalam. 


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