Thursday, 9 February 2012


Assalamualaikum and hye! everyone!!...
alhamdullllah....tonight i still have a time and opportunity to update the new entry for my blog...
tonight i will talk about someone that very extreamly importance in our life...some one who make our existence...
 someone who love us more than the others thing, someone who always sacrifice everything for us....and always keep her pray for our happiness...
she is our mother!...
in this world..this people are very importance..
sometimes..some people call their mother,mama,ibu,ummi,emak, and so on.
this women have a high rank in community, without mother ...we are not here!...and we are nothing!...
huhuhu feel very guilty to my mother...i don't know what is actually it i have any wrong doing toward my mother...or she have something unsatisfied with me...
i'm very scared when my mother get mad on me...because i dont want to be rebellious child...
a drop of my mother tears...can make me nearer to the hell....nauzubillah...
other a muslim..i know that mother is very importance and most respected, coz...
from the hadith of prophet Muhammad day a man came to him and asking with whom should give his love and honor...then the prophet s.a.w said your mother..then the men asking who??...prophet says your mother...then who?..the man keep asking...prophet said..your mother then next is your father... islam very appreciate mother as one very importance part in social organisation...
the others thing that i feel its very importance for me to keep my mother happy with me is because i had listened to ustaz or ustazah said that Allah 'redha' is depends on our parent 'redha' its means...if our mom and dad is not pleased with us...Allah also not pleased with us....huhuhu.....
i will stay in the hell for the million years in helpless.......huhuhuuh..
or maybe forever in the hell......Allahuakbar....

here i have some poem for my mother.....=0 read it carefully....
to add more effect...make sure  the room is in gloomy condition...and put some background track like kitaro or buatmu ibu by aiman...


Buatmu Ibu
Dari anakmu….
Kasihmu tak mungkin ku lupakan,
Cuma kadang-kadang aku khayal dalam arus duniawi,
Tatkala nasihatmu menjadi titisan hangat di telingaku,
Tatkala aku lupa nasihatmu,
Dosakah aku sebagai anakmu ibu?,
Aku merintih, menangis mengenangkan diri ini,
Layakkah aku menjadi anakmu? ,
Kau sentaiasa mendoakan kesejahteraanku,
Doamu tidak pernah putus walau aku lena dalam tidurku,
Solatmu sentiasa berakhir dengan doa untuk ku,
Suaraku tak pernah hilang di telinga mu,
Kasih sayangmu tak pernah reput ditelan zaman,
Namun , anakmu ini sering lupa akan itu,
Layakkah aku menjadi anakmu?,
Air mata ini menitis tatkala mengenangkan mu ibu,
Kasihmu sungguh murni tak terbanding kasihku untuk mu,
Layakkah aku dipanggil anakmu?,
Tatkala aku bersedih kau sentiasa berada disisi menenagkan anakmu ini,
Tatkala aku menangis meratapi kehilangan permainanku, kau sentiasa disisi memujukku,
Tatkala aku memberontak mahukan sesuatu, tanganmu pantas mencarinya untuk ku,
Mampukah aku melakukannya tatkala kau memerlukanku?,
Jika tidak, layakkah aku menjadi anakmu ibu?,
Mengapa nasib mu sebegini?,
Mendapat anak sepertiku?,
Layakkah aku menjadi anakmu ibu?,
Ibu, sudikah kau menerima anak mu ini?
Ku sesali diri ini,
Semakin melupakanmu,
Layakkah aku dipanggil anakmu, ibu?,
Kata-katamu mampu menyejukkan hati yang gundah gulana,
Memadamkan api yang marak menyala,
Kini, aku telah dewasa, kata-katamu aku lempar,
Kasihmu ku biar terapung di lautan,
Panggilan mu ku sahut dengan amarah,
Maafkanlah anakmu ini,
Maafkanlah dosa anakmu ini,
Derhaka kah aku wahai ibu?,
Ku sujud mohon ampun dari mu ibu,
Syukur ku panjat kerana masih berpeluang menemuimu dan memelukmu,
Kerana aku masih merasai kasih sayangmu ibu,
Layakkah aku menjadi anakmu ibu?.
Kasihmu sungguh suci,
Sayangmu sungguh murni,
Nasihatmu amat bererti,
Kau akan kekal dihatiku ibu,
Aku akan mengembirakan mu ibu,

and here azwa have some video that can make us very love our mother....

see how our mom sacrifice her life for us...i dont know how its very poignant coz azwa also never face it...but we know right how its feel...huh....this only operation method not giving birth by normal way...its will feel hundred times painful than this...huhuu...thanks mama...  

thats all for now....hope this entry will make some change in our your mom while she is still breathing..
i love you mama!!!.....

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