Friday, 6 April 2012

Tower Of Power In Taiwan!!....seriously great!!..

Assalamualaikum and very good day!
hello more new invention has been plan by engineer to make our life more comfortable, in the same time not harm the earth!..
our daily life in the day need a lot of electrical power energy..
so here some solution and some invention to cover this mater.

Tower of Power is a tower that serves as a vertical power station that tried be built in Taiwan. 600 air turbine will be installed on the surface of this tower to produce 6000watts of energy per day. Space in the tower portion is used in accordance with the local population. For example, an art gallery or community halls can be placedinside. Form a unique design also ensures that the Tower of Power will be a goodpower stations to the eye. How do guys like it? I like it but if there are 600air-turbine will make noise? Engineers out there care to enlighten us on this?

Inspiration for the Taiwan tower’s design came from woven bamboo or bamboo scaffolding – a meshed exterior encases all the programmatic elements. The weaving of the structure creates an intricate pattern and a series of voids that offer views of the city.


more can get here===========>[CliCk HERe]

thats all for now...k...salam..

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