Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spiral Garden concept!!....thumb up!

Assalamualaikum and very good day....
today...more building design will be expose to all of you...
next is Taiwan Spiral Garden and China,
these building is build for a recreational garden also a museum...
with the green building concept...its can save energy and avoid more pollution in various way.. 
Spiral Garden Museum is a concept developed by Influx Taiwan Studio CityMuseum project. Their design is unique because unlike other museums it has a very non-conventional form of the form of a cone. The strange design Influx believethey will make this museum a must landmark tourist destination. Besides the conecan also be an umbrella for people under them. Win win situation. What do youguys think. Does the concept of this building can be applied or too crazy to be realized?

the complex

corridor area


commercial area

night view..

section of building

green building system


plan elevation

so hope we are there someday to see the technology in building and their professional in civil engineering...
wait for the next invention and building design....

for more information in detail...go to here============>[CliCk Here]

thats All for now....bye...and salam..XD


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