Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New UTHM in the future!!...and today!

Assalamualaikum and very good day All!!..

haih! is quit boring and bosan..and boring...
noting to do...nothing plan inside my mind...
all class has been finished..and assignment just a little bit to be done!

now..waiting for something that not clear!...LOL...stop nonsense!!..
okehh...this time azwa gonna story bout UTHM new convocation Hall...
these hall was very awesome and mantap!...serius hebat!!..
as i'm will be future civil engineer...(jangan gelak!!..) i have to search or keep study about building..and construction...seriously fun!..

straight to our topic..UTHM just newly get the new Convocation Hall...
for replacing the old one..Dewan Tunku Ibrahim Ismail...or DTII...coz its too old and obsolete, coz its has been used since 1993..its mean have a same age with me..haha
so Our Chancellor has already perkenan to make another convo Hall...
its locate at back of UTHM Library and nearer to Masjid Jamek UTHM...and others faculty.

these was very wonderful hall with the design and decorative...coz the engineer had make some combination between modern style with tradisional malay style...
these hall can accommodate bout 3000 visitors in one time.
its was twice than DTII..
these Hall consists of one main Hall..with one standard Stage..VIP seat( at upper level)...and for special guest seat..(upper level..).has a lobby, ICT room, others small Hall..and One Royal Room.
with the decorative which have Traditional Malay motif...they use Black Paper as motif for all decoration include carpet, royal chair, vvip seat, curtain, carving on the door,and wall.......( no wonderlah...kan kat johor memang terkenal dengan lada hitam...)

these 3 storey Hall..will be used for the first garduation on 2012.!...
congratulation for UTHM..hehe..

and proudly to say!..i'm the first person who make the first performance in these Hall...
last 2 weeks...Pusat pengurusan harta bina UTHM...make some carnival and open day for these time to test the system of these Hall... the first person who make the performance..Gamelan...combine with Modern percussion..for the song Biso Bonar and Kasihnya Laila...haha..awesome!! 

dewan Tunku Ismail Ibrahim.

dewan lama UTHM.

still in construction work.

still in finishing work

already finished.

bit large than old one...

LED lighting efect during show!

during Concert by SLASH!

my show that night!..=D

Masjid UTHM..

masjid lama UTHM..

still in construction work and finishing..

the prayer hall..1000 larger than old one;;

now can be used...=D

so....UTHM now is well its will keep growing with new project and development for our facility...

project in progress...

UTHM campus in the future...

Project for Aeronautic Course with the airport in Tanjung Laboh, BP..

so my pesanan to adek2! yang ngah tunggu UPU kalau dapat tawaran UTHM..terimalah dengan perasaan riang ria...coz we all already prepared everything for you!...welcome to UTHM..hahaha...(promote Universiti..)...and for those still in SPM level...make a decision now!!...comes join our engineer in UTHM..and become another engineer...XD..or not pilot!!...weeee!!!


thats all for now...Assalamualaikum.

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