Monday, 21 May 2012

what i because of you!!

 Assalamualaikum n may have a nice day all,
a  few days backer .. i'm just feel like wanna screaming!.. 
release everything and what i have been kept in myself..
after class..i will go to my port in my college..
at the upper level and at the end of corridor Block C..
the scenery was remind me to everything and my sahabat...
also the moment when I'm was Pre-dip student!..

here i always thinking of myself and other...
finding peace, and calm my self..from here i can see almost half of my campus..
with the angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa...

don't know why i were become like this...
maybe just time pass by.. 
or some one hurt me! lah..just got some prob with somthing...
so now!..

I am Disappointed with you!


p/s = post Kali nie takdak kena mengena ngan marka atau awek aq na...takdak langsung...just release my emotion here..rather on FB..on the wall like a Jewish. 

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