Friday, 28 August 2015

Survey Camp UTHM 2015

Assalamualaikum semua..
Have a nice day geng... its has been a few month that i neglected my blog without any entries.. lately im quite active on twitter. So that i can write on simple things there. Hopefully all of us are always be safe and health.

So now i'm gonna share with you (or maybe not sharing coz i think no one read my blog unless myself...lulz) share with you update of my life. Actually.. im having a sem brake rite now.. its almost 2 month have passed and its only 2 week left for the sem brake... damn.. i cant wait to started my new semester... hahaha.. (sarcasm rite.. yeah) a lot of important event such a Hari Raya..

and others thing happen during this sem brake..but the most awesome is the Survey Camp!.. รต my god its seriously awesome.. 

total station
Yeah.. im gonna talk on my Survey Camp act. Okay in my academics menu.. i have to attend this camp to fullfill my course requirements.. coz this camp have a 2 credits for my graduation audit. So firstly im not feeling good to attend this camp... ow yah ... this camp is held in MSN Asahan, melaka, its in Gunung Ledang. 
So... normaly no one will happy to attend a camp at the sem brake.. its just like a spoiler of holiday mood... hahaha.. so i've already registered in session 6.. which mean the last session for this year.. know that.. other student who attend the early session said that they've been toucherd mentally coz the task was so hard to be done... its raised my nervous to attend this camp.. serious shit.. 

 Session 6 has comes to date. So we gathered at the faculty coz the bus will fetch us at we start our journey to Asahan melaka with bismillah... 
2 hour later and we arrived at MSN Asahan.. hurm.. first impression is the place is not bad as le other session student told us.. and after check-in in room.. so we have some rest and need to hear the briefing on 3 pm. 
MSN Asahan Melaka.

So that evening is just we have to play with the leveling work thing and have to run the 'two peg test'.. (i have to flashbacks all the geomatics memories during my diploma studies. Its has been 2 years ago dude..)
and all night is filled with briefing and presentation.. my first impression is.. im gonna die stay here.. lot of task to be settle down.. with the field work..presentation.. fuhh.. may god help me..

First day.. with the first task.. Levelling work.. we have to cont. Our 2 peg test coz yesterday we got huge error on the reading.. LOL.. so our first day run very well.. we finish our task early than the schedule. 
view of Gunung Ledang 

Second day with second task.. Traverse work.. this task also run very well coz its just a basic of geometry.. then our work place is nice coz don't have a lot of slope or cutting.. just flat area. And the traverse run very well.. we work as fast as we can.. 

Third day is for traverse act. But we done that early.. so we cont. With techometry.. and finish the task early.. so forthday we just finish our report and make drawing. 

Fifth day.. its time for last task.. that is setting out. So this task quite challenge my group coz this task i've never done before. So its alot of error and the day was very bright and hot... (i got suntanned... =/ ) luckly we finish out task with full drawing from the levelling.. traverse..techeometry.. and last setting out..
its an satisfactory... =D
our plan for techeometry 

Sixth day was the test.. we have to sit a test and second test is total station setup test within 7 minute including bearing reading.
So at night we got closing ceremony and have a barbeque.. games.. birthday celebration.. and present gift to the 5 best group... its such a happy moment coz we successfully go throught this 6 day here with this good people and program.

And the lect. Also confessed that session 6 is the best survey camp session ever. Yeayy... =D

 So.. for me. This survey camp totally awesome.. the best moment ever.. i got new friend.. new knowledge and new experience.. thanks to the lect. Sr. Dr. Mustafa, Dr. Ariff, Dr. Hazzrik and Dr. Azlan for the experience and knowledge.. is very valuable and useful. Also thanks Allah..
After the camp so we know that the story told by the other student was just rumors and its happend on their session only... hahahaha.. serve you right dude..

Thats all for now.. salam alaikum. 

my group members... 

photography session for all session 6 

presentation time,,, 

on the top of gunung ledang, i'm captured this foto using total station.

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