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Assalamualaikum and very good day everyone!.

Its been so looonnnggggg time not update my blog, now I'm feel awkward updating my blog.
basically why I'm updating this blog is because i got new follower or reader!.. yeaayy!! (LOL.)..
he's the one who reminds me to update my blog... hahaha...(act. i almost forget about my blog...hahaha).

so now I've finished my study in UTHM... technically already graduated... but im still not having my convocation ceremony yet... so after 2 week i had my last final paper. i get hired by a Civil and Structural company in JB!... so i moved to JB now... staying in Taman Universiti Skudai. enough with my life updates!... now lets talk on something.

so today I'm gonna talk on Volunteering!
have you guys ever been joining any volunteering program?. be a volunteers for any program... weather its in ur school of NGO... hooohoho,,, volunteering program is any program that you are joining and you'll not been paid for ur work!.. so basically that is volunteering... especially program or works that gives benefits for others people and needy.
so lately i've been joining  one volunteering program held by IHSAN JOHOR RELIEF, this NGO is in johor... and their focus is helping the Bangsa Johor in the way by giving them a house especially for the selected family. if you guys want to know more about the NGO... may click link below


so if you guys is would like to join our build.. its necessary for all builders to attend the basic build workshop that usually held in Ihsan Johor Markas, in this workshop, you will be expose to the basic build, the tools and how to use it... its was totally fun!..

me was showing my hammering skill!...( =P Its was really hard to do!)

I've been joining this program since the first house that they ever build. so lets go through one by one...

the first Ihsan Johor house build was in Simpang Renggam, the selected family is Nenek Mismah 93 years old. grandma and her family is currently living in a self build timber and concrete house. The current house they are living in is more than 30 years old.
so the first build or named as #IJR1 was held for 3 days... the design was adopted from the epic homes house design. for me... it really my first time joining a construction or build by my own. yeaah...even tho I'm in civil engineering field, i never get opportunity to build a house! (.....lame civil engineers.. so lame and failed!.. ='( ..) . so this is my very first time... but since i have some experience and knowledge on carpentering. so the task is done smoothly with the help from the team members and the specialist!

manpower that succeed the build!..

so next is 2nd IJR or known as #IJR2, this build was happened in Kukup, Pontian Johor, the recipient old house was so badly in condition, the house was made from canvas and they are living in it for many years with no rooms and dirty surrounding, plus the house is not accommodate with the numbers of people. so for me they are more than deserve the new house!

taking morning pictures infront of the recipient old house, (look at those sleepy face!.. wake up everyone!.. =P )

 this build is quiet special coz my uncle is joining!.. hahahahaha... yeah... that old man suddenly got his hantu rajin and decided to join the 2nd build. (LOL,,, he's gonna kill me if he read this....).
so this 2nd build was totally different from the first build, because this time the design of the house is different and its 100% handled by Ihsan Johor Relief. without the Epic Homes help. so yeah since its was the first time happen for Ihsan johor... so there are lot of problems and lacking happen. at the end, the house is able to be finished event its not complete. but the rest of the left works will be finished by the contractors. ( So sad.... =( ...) its  disappointment when you are not able to finish the house.. =(

 the core team that explode the house!..(try to find where's me??...)

the #IJR3 was held in JB.. but unfortunately i couldn't join it coz i got some academic short course that need to be attend.

so the #IJR4 is the next build that i joined. it was held in Muar Bandar Diraja. the recipient is a garbage collector and have a lot of kids, but some of them have done their school and now are working somewhere in Muar area.
this build for me quiet special... coz this is first time for me joining the build and i got mixed very well with the other builders. coz before this i got awkward to meet them, to mixed around with them... coz i'm very shy person.... (LOL... that was lying... I'm not shy guy!.. =P ) the build run very well, and i was assigned into the wall team. same as for the #IJR1. so they have been appointed me as apprentice builders for this time so i had to helped my specialist to handle the volunteers and builders. i was done the task! greatly awesome!!... (damn I'm so kerek to tell you guys bout this!... =D..) so the house was done very well, completed before  the hand over to the owner. for me this build also kind special because i'm feel touched during the handover ceremony because i saw the recipient family was crying receive the house... actually, the recipient is really eager to help us build the house for all 3 days!... he come helping after he get back from work.. also his son called Dino, he helped me in wall team until the house finished!..

 the wall team!!... taking pic with the recipent!!... (lets shout Wall laoweeyhhh!!!!!..)

during the build, at night, we are been sponsored by the Muar Tourism to having the fresh oyster in the middle of Muar river. it my first time river cruising at the Muar river. and eating oyster... the fresh oyster... but definitely i cannot eat the raw one.. because the taste is i cannot accept it!.(.hahahaha...)

lets eat those oyster!!..... ( vomit.. LoL)..

then the #IJR5 was in Batu Pahat, actually i'm was really waiting for batu pahat build, coz it on my own place... but unfortunately i couldn't join it because i have to attend my housemate wedding in Kedah. how sad...

so the #IJR6 was the latest build that i joined. its was happen in Johor Bahru, actually this build is quiet urgent because the recipient was immediately need the new house after the old house is broken down by falling tree during the storm.
so the build was done smoothly in the early, but during the second day, its raining and all works need to shut down for a while because its dangerous for us the builders to keep working during the rainy day. but still the house can be finished before the handover ceremony on the third day... 
frankly speaking this time build is less soul and have no semangat, I dont know why the new format happen but seriously its suck!, theres nor grouping and specialist, so all the builders doing every work which they feel okay with that. and some other builders are moving like headless chicken, (buat buat busy laaa). this things happen because they have no specialist so they have no one could supervised them. and its really sad for the new builders because they cannot feel the real build cheerful and soul. for me this build is need much! improvement!. bring back our specialist!. after all, the most important is the recipient recieve the new house so they can start over the new life..=) 

the team!... that finished the house!.. so nice rite... (ce kie.. what you doing back there?.. -_-!)

so that's all my volunteering works in Ihsan Johor Relief, actually there are many more volunteering activities that I've been joined in school, like mobility program to Beijing, helping the flood victims in Pantai Timur and many more. 

all those sharing above is not purposely to show off or riak bangga diri, but i tried to give you guys some motivation to start volunteering, or join any volunteering activity, yeah.. its really tired after you join the activities, but trust me!.. after you see smile and happiness from the helped people... all this tiredness and sick is fly away... its an satisfaction for me coz i could do something to help people.

volunteering also is not only about helping people, its also about how you improve ur self, how you improve ur soft skill, working with the strangers, teamwork to complete the task, manage ur works and most important is establish the bonding between people around you!, its great to meet new friends and having a chit chat about their background and build the good bonding and relationship!!.. that is the most important point in volunteering!... 

meet my new friends that i met during the build!!... they are crazy!!.. hahaha

yeah!.. actually i missed all my builders friends like kamal!,.. allyson...aunt elain and many more... since they are not joining the IJR anymore because they caught busy on their real life. (hope i could meet them some day!..)..

so my last words is... let's volunteering!... !!

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