Monday, 20 March 2017


Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!..

How was your day?... hope everybody was fine and always in a good condition.
I'm in good mood to write this blog... even I'm, was get easily tired lately... maybe I need more exercise to make my body always cergas and cerdas!..

Today I will talk on something light... less stress but give us inspiration,
did you guys ever ask what is the best place in a shopping mall to anyone or your friends? what they answer?.... I'm 100% sure they will answer it as food stall and restaurant like SR, BR31, starbucks and many more, fashion outlets like uniqlo, H&M, padini and others, and entertainment like cinema. but there is something that we forget to make it as one of the best and most important place in shopping complex or mall...

Let me share my story first, last week... I was hangout with my friends and my new friend... Cekie... or his full name is Lim Ce Kie... we are easily call him Cekie (the way to pronounce it is ci ki  =P )...
the main purpose of this outing is to find a special food in BP ... after having the Beriani Power Batu Pahat... we are going to Cendol Pak O in Bus Terminal Batu Pahat. so we have no idea to go anywhere... since there is nothing we can do much in Batu Pahat town. so suddenly i got an idea to go Kluang town which is about 54 kilometer away. we have rent the car for half day... and we don't have any plan... so Kluang here we go!..
cendol satisfaction face... lol .

 in the car... one of us asking Cekie what is the best place in Kluang Mall... and guest what his answer?!..

he said!... Kedai Buku!..

so that is the answer for my question on first just now... so its rarely to hear someone said that the best place in  shopping mall is book store... even me myself... never thought that answer... but that what my friend Cekie answer... so yeah... its make me realize something.

its actually show how was your mentality. How different kind of mentality between me, my friends with him... I learnt something important that day, which we have to seedling the sense of reading interest in ourself and our children in future.

I cont. my story... so after we arrived at the Kluang Mall... so me and Cekie directly go to the Book Store... and there..I'm was shamed on myself... I feel awkward to be in book store and looking at the books. let me clarify something... book store and stationary is a different thing... but.. normally its a stationary in a book store. =) . so I'm was following Cekie to look around in the book store and he was selected a few books. and me.. still there.. quiet and "kesipuan". act. yeahh.. its really good to be there... lot's of super good books with discount and others.. much quality content books... but along before this... I never realize that.. even if someone asking me where the book store in the building... I never know that answer... (shame on myself....)

so after that day, I'm was sitting alone and thinking about this... its really give a huge impact in my life... even its just a simple event happen. so I'm was determined that I will make sure that bookstore is the first place I'm gonna visit when I going to Shopping mall... second is I will have my book's fund on my monthly spend.. and in the future... I will teach my kids to go bookstore frequently so they can loves reading!.. in the way to gain their knowledge and make up their mind. (sounds like manifesto during grand election isn't it?... yeah... vote for me.. lol..)

awkwardly face. first time taking pic. front of cheese cake.. normally tak sempat... =P 

thanks to my friend for make me realize something that long forgotten. make me think and do something. gives me inspiration and motivation... May God grant you light and goodness in ur life bro!.(..aaaminn... =) ). And I hope that my 20 cent will give more inspiration and motivation to others. so let us make a change!. see you in next post!..


* sorry for my grammar, i'm still learning and practicing writing in english!. =)

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