Monday, 8 May 2017

Beloved Final Year Project

Assalamualaikum and Hello everybody,

may you have a nice day! always keep safe guys!..
so how you doing in your life?, is that everything good?.
for me, I've started new chapter of my life, since now I am not studying anymore.
I've started my working life since February this year, and I really enjoy my current life style,
It a bit stress but adventure, and definitely its different from the student life. as people said..

student : have a lot of time, energy but no money.
working : have a lot of money, energy but don't have time.
retired : have a lot of money, time but don't have energy.

that what we called as life curse!...( LOL!..). so for all my friends who still studying, enjoy your life in the campus!.. join the activity held by the university or any organization in university. gain experience!. you cannot learn everything in the class or lecture. try your best to be active and  train yourself be friendly with all people around you... and I'm sure you are not regret later ( unless you are not manage your time correctly...=P ).

so enuff with those mumbling.
so today I will talk on my experience during my Final Year Project term which is last year and finished in February 2017. It was a good experience and I've learned so many things... especially about how to do a research and writing complete report in thesis format.this 2 hectic semester was really an opportunity for me. with the guide from my supervisor... finally I did it so well!.. (i'm guess... hehehehe...)

(awkwardly face... i'm rarely doing selfie... hahahaha...#sepet ) 

so its was started on my sixth semester which is my third last semester before I'm having the Internship session. having a nice supervisor which is he provide me a topic and title for my FYP. since I'm helping his research so he provide me a title and scope of research. that sounds good rite? but wait!.. its not so good actually, coz you don't have a freedom to choose ur own subject of your research, but the pro is... you don't have to think on the scope and objective since you're continuing ur SV's research. finally after discussed with the SV... my FYP title is :

Mechanical Properties of Concrete Containing Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) and Ceramic Waste as Coarse Aggregate Replacement.

quite long rite?.. yeah.. I'm feel like busted especially fill the form and they need my research title... its so long... (LOL... XD) so if you're form civil engineering field, you'll understand my research easily by only read on my title... (hahahaha.. title is long as abstract.. lol..) for those who are not from civil engineering field, my research is literally using the waste material from the construction demolition activity  which is recycling those scrap material as replacement material in concrete mix... and I'm replacing the natural stone in concrete mix with this material. yeah..I'm studying on their mechanical properties... (i hope you guys understand what I'm trying to explain.... I'm so damn in explaining... )
( apa pun... gaya penting... walaupon semua ni plastik lakonan ja... hahahaha)

after the title... next come to 2nd phase, the initial study or literature review. In this phase you need a good extracting skill form the reading material. yeah! seriously guys.. you need that skill so much coz you cannot read all the passage in the journal. you need to extract that journal, just get the required information and that's it... I swear!!!.. reading a journal is not something that really fun!... (Its suck guys!!... hhahaha).. if you can finished and understand a journal in one time read!... salute bro!!... (...seriously..=P ).
It will comes lot of allurement and godaan... especially getting sleepy on the first paragraph!... hahaha.. its just like a curse... hope you will have a good time reading journal =D. as I said just now.. try your best to train yourself the extracting skill and find the good tips reading journal... much on internet. for me.. I'm Extracting my journal and I jot down everything that I need in table form like name author.. year.. objective.. scope of study and so on... try to merge which way that suit you.
alhamdulillah... I've done my first 3 chapter and submit to my SV before the due date... (.., sound like so cemerlang heh.... =P ..kinda..). And I've done with the presentation with the panels awesomely!

(look at those face... the face after been tiaw!. by the panel... )

After my internship session during the mid sem brake.
Tadaa!!! come the happiest time.. (so much fun like a hell.. =/..)  the next step for my FYP. the material preparing. since I'm studying on concrete properties. so absolutely I have to cast concrete for my own sample and my research subject for the concrete testing. start with preparing material... and at this part... its come my compunction.  have to prepare 90 concrete sample in a few weeks. preparing concrete for every mix is need 28 days till the concrete really mature before its can be tested!. and my biggest problem is run out of time!. I can't finish all the mix in time if I just can only mix only I batch of mix per day.
this all thing happen is because I'm used too much time on preparing material since I have 4 raw material should be prepared before mixing process, like preparing the RCA in small size and breaking the ceramic tile into small size... its not easy task, I had a hectic and fag day... everyday!..

thanks to my housemate coz they help me so much!... until everything done and complete, they give me support and hands too... =) so kind of them...I spent much my time at the concrete lab and library... while I'm preparing my sample.. I need to deal with my thesis at the lab.. and night here we are..front of my Laptop.. doing my report and my thesis... thank SV is really comprehend person, I don't have to meet him every week as long i have a progress at the lab... so after I've done mixing all the concrete sample... and testing the sample... now come to the next level!.. the completion of the thesis and the Viva!...

completing my writing is also one of the worst part... since I'm not good in english.. but too young too dumb to realize... I'm doing my thesis in english.... (WTH!.. wanna kill myself maybe... =P ) . so with the helps of form the internet.. I could finished my theses so well!...with several time of rejection and major correction.... LOL!!!... hahaha..
but its okay since its learning process...I enjoy it.

after finished my writing.. and submitted the drat to the panels... here comes the last part of the curse!... the VIVA... viva is not that small car on road... that's my housemate used to called it Vavi... (cos its small but acah laju macam ferrari...LoL) viva here means presentation reporting your outcomes to the selected panels. if you are unlucky... you'ill presenting your FYP with the Industrial Panel... I'm the luckiest guy coz.. having viva with internal panel only.. means my own faculty lecturer. so my viva run so well.. with minor correction, my thesis is completed and can be print out to be harbound. during the viva session, It was so nervous and really hope that your panel is understand what are you trying to explain and hope ur panel is not asking something weird or bash ur research output. so luckily my panel is just asking on the topics and not something out of the box.

(during the presentation... awkwardly face..)

after I've done some minor correction. now I need to prepare 3 set of the thesis to be submit to the Faculty. and I make it as 4 set. one is for self keeping, as token of the hardworking and the memories.
(le housemate... the permaison who help me so much ... )

so here are my gratitude to my SV. Dr, Faisal who are gave me so much help to me finished this thesis and so other advice too. all my friends... especially my Housemates... The Permaison..and Metro group..also abang syed. and anyone who helping me done this crap so good.

here some of my advice for those who are doing their FYP. first you have to give 100% focus on ur research... don't easily get disturb with anything that not related to your FYP. for example just do research on ur scope... not overall or any topics that not related especially when you are reading ur journal.
  second is you have to be very discipline with time, do ur own time table or planner... make sure all the important event is set and follow the schedule strictly, if not!! you are not gonna finish ur FYP on time..(seriously guys... time is real enemy.... =/ )
next is do not rely on anyone. especially your SV. never hope that ur SV will spoon-feed you and don't expect your friends is always be there helping you, sometimes they have their own business. so do everything yourself.. don't afraid to be wrong... coz its learning process =)
and last is do ur money planning so well!... (...I'm not plan my financial so good.... get broke at the last semester.... =(...). yeah!.. FYP is the subject that swallow your money like a shit in sewer pipe... during last year... your money will disappear without sign... just like that... hahahaha... coz you need it to prepare some item which not been provided at Laboratory. so you have to buy it by yourself .. plus you need all that money to print ur poster... to bind ur thesis in hardcover... and buy the A4 paper for printing... so much need... so my advice is keep ur money starting now.

(submitting my journal to the faculty in Journal room.. look at those blue book... is all from  early uthm established.. )

so that my story for my Final Year Project term... so All the best to you guys who are struggling finish ur FYP... see you in other post!


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